Founded in New York by a team of former Google and DoubleClick advertising leaders, Beeswax is pioneering the industry’s first Bidder-as-a-Service™ (BaaS). Powered by Beeswax’s Bidder‑as‑a‑Service™, the Beeswax Programmatic Cloud™ allows users to combine and customize best‑in‑breed technologies from the programmatic ecosystem. The Beeswax Programmatic Cloud™ is a Demand-Side Platform(DSP) designed specifically for the unique needs of each client’s business. It offers sophisticated advertisers the ability to combine and customize best-in-breed solutions into a seamless whole, without having to create their own software code, or employing their own team of engineers.

Beeswax needed to bypass the opacity, lack of customization, and other restrictions of traditional DSPs for their customers while also providing a cost-effective solution that does not require the high expenses of building your own bidder.

With marketers around the world pouring a tremendous amount of money into AdTech, they are demanding real-time visibility into their ad spend. Beeswax uses InfluxDB to collect metrics and events to support the 1 million queries per second performance of its AdTech platform and to collect and display metrics to customers in real time on their behalf.

Using InfluxDB Enterprise, Beeswax was able to offer customers a completely customizable Real-Time-Bidder (RTB) solution for a low, flat, monthly fee, that provides secure real-time visibility into their campaigns and performance.