CloudBees is providing leading enterprise DevOps solutions and continuous delivery software services. The company enables developers to focus on delivering great software, while also providing management with powerful risk mitigation, compliance and governance capabilities.

CloudBees uses InfluxDB with Grafana to collect and monitor metrics from its CI/CD build logging system. The logging system is a critical component of its SaaS product. Being able to reliably collect and store metrics, and easily view them over time is incredibly helpful for monitoring the overall system and troubleshooting issues when they occur.

CloudBees found that InfluxDB integrates well with other tools and they like that the InfluxData platform is open-source. Integrating with Grafana works well and allowed CloudBees to largely set-it-and-forget-it after the initial configuration. InfluxDB can easily handle all the data their log system throws at it, it does what it says and largely gets out of the way, which is great when you need to be focused on other things instead of more infrastructure.