Ekopak is a Belgian company working to make water treatment more sustainable by using less water and energy where possible. As Belgium’s first renewable water supplier, the work they do is important. Their approach is threefold: reduce, reuse and revalue. Ekopak operates installations of water treatment equipment and constantly has data coming in that needs analysis. They use data to find malfunctioning equipment, help with time-sensitive decisions and maintain machinery before it needs repairs. With the help of Factry Historian, an industrial data management platform, they transitioned to a more efficient data management system, which includes InfluxDB — the purpose-built time series platform.

Ekopak turned to Factry to help modernize their data management processes by importing previous data into InfluxDB and visualizing it with Grafana. They used one InfluxDB database per Ekopak installation. They replaced Excel spreadsheets with more useful dashboards which have saved Ekopak time and enabled the team to spend more time analyzing data to better understand their installations. By pulling in sensor data from large industrial sites, Ekopak has been able to understand its data in real-time and improve operations.

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