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GeoGraphite is a tool for displaying time series data with a spatial component. Data can be displayed as individual points or aggregated into visualizations like a heat map. GeoGraphite is used to create dashboard maps for IoT monitoring of sensors, vehicle fleets and other operational activity.

Since it is a tool for displaying time series data with a spatial component, having the ability to collect, store and retrieve latitude and longitude values alongside the metric was key. InfluxData’s InfluxDB is a perfect data store for GeoGraphite since it can support this requirement with its ability to store multiple values per data. InfluxDB is also the perfect companion to graphic tools like Grafana, which was another requirement for Geographite.

Advanced analytics

Providing spatial analytics and visualization to time series metrics

Enhanced competitive advantage

Able to collect and analyze sensor, fleet management and location metrics

Improve operations and forecasting

Using historical data to predict future demands

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