Happiest Minds built a monitoring solution to track the activity between a VM to a cloud storage gateway. The types of metrics being gathered and acted upon are: the amount of data uploaded, the number of files transferred, how long it takes to upload to the target, etc. In addition, the solution uses this information to find any mismatches to determine if there are issues that need to be addressed.

To manage their DevOps, Happiest Minds turned to InfluxData to manage their full stack. First, they created a Python script to get information like target, files, bytes and duration, using InfluxDB. They used the information they gathered, integrated with Chronograf and Grafana to check if the upload was successful and the data collected matched. Happiest Minds also installed the Kapacitor plugin and created several scenarios to check the success of the monitoring. They found the product to be one of the most successful and efficient monitoring systems.