Fr. Ant. Niedermayr is a German manufacturing company founded in 1801. It has been family-owned for six generations. It started out as a graphic arts institute and it has evolved into “a media services company focusing on industrial web offset printing”. To survive since the 19th century, they’ve had to embrace new technologies. These technological advances led to Fr. Ant. Niedermayr having “the world’s first 120-page web offset print”.

Fr. Ant. Niedermayr needed to gain better insights into their operations. They desired to learn more about individual machines in their factory and to understand the correlation between different equipment and materials. The German company was faced with equipment that had valuable untapped data; they knew Excel spreadsheets and a Postgres database weren’t sufficient to answer their questions about their own business. They turned to NETZConsult to address their requirements. As external consultants, Fr. Ant. Niedermayr knew NETZConsult would implement the correct tools given their challenges, regardless of vendor. NETZConsult quickly provided Fr. Ant. Niedermayr with a proof of concept and within a matter of days had reached time to awesome with the TICK Stack. After implementing InfluxDB and Grafana into their operations, Fr. Ant. Niedermayr has a better tactical overview of four of their biggest printers.