LBBC Technologies are the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of industrial autoclave technology. Aerospace customers use this equipment in the manufacture of high-performance castings, like turbine blades. With hundreds of machines all over the world, LBBC are pushing the boundaries of the support they can offer customers. All LBBC equipment comes fitted with industrial gateways which simplify the data connections between industrial PLC controllers and web services — like AWS. This enables LBBC to offer their customers “Connected Support” and Web SCADA. Through their Connected Support software solution, LBBC are providing customers with advanced diagnosis tools used for troubleshooting and process optimization.

LBBC are using the purpose-built time series platform to enable faster remote anomaly detection and quicker time to resolution. InfluxDB Cloud has enabled LBBC to discover hidden process patterns to get ahead of maintenance needs. They also use sensor data to monitor equipment conditions and provide predictive maintenance of machines. InfluxDB plays an important role in full cloud industrial IoT monitoring for LBBC which allows them to deliver valuable insights and a competitive advantage to their customers.

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