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Lotto New Zealand

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Lotto New Zealand provides New Zealanders with safe gaming that allows them to play and win, while contributing money back to their communities. Because of Lotto players and the NZ Lottery Grants Board, lottery funding supports 3,000 organizations and projects every year, some of which include Sport New Zealand, Creative New Zealand and the New Zealand Film Commission.

Lotto New Zealand has implemented InfluxDB to store performance metrics in new and existing projects. They use it in conjunction with JMeter, an open source Apache software and Java application designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance, to collect performance metrics from the CI/CD pipeline. In doing so, they are able to ensure operations are running reliably prior to the official launch of any Lotto New Zealand project. The team at Lotto New Zealand also use InfluxDB alongside Grafana to display and present the data and performance metrics they collect.

According to Gideon Lee, Lotto New Zealand’s Quality Assurance Manager, InfluxDB has served as an excellent on-prem tool for collecting performance metrics. Regardless of whether they are running InfluxDB for historical data or in a test run, it has been a fantastic tool that they plan to use in collecting metrics such as CPU, memory, etc. in other applications and solutions they test in the future.

$ 1.4 billion +

Amount of annual sales

1.2 million +

Number of MyLotto players

Improved operations reliability

Analyzed CI/CD pipeline performance metrics

Technologies Used

“InfluxDB has served as an excellent on-prem tool for collecting performance metrics”

- Gideon Lee, Quality Assurance Manager, Lotto New Zealand

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