Power Logistics is a global leader in the provision of temporary events power. They have consistently delivered practical expertise in stage power, site electrics, distribution, project management and lighting at concerts, festivals, exhibitions, conferences, parties, award ceremonies and sporting events. Power Logistics provides services within permanent venues as well as temporary green field events. They maintain a whole host of equipment and services in house; from a fleet of dedicated event generators, suitable for use with bio diesel, to their extensive stock of mains cabling, distribution and lighting equipment.

Power Logistics migrated from PHPFinA and MySQL to InfluxDB, and it has been revolutionary. With the vast amount of power monitoring data the company processes for sites, InfluxDB has become their go-to database. The ability to just keep throwing metrics at a server and being able to post processes has lightened the load for Power Logistics. InfluxDB posts up to 3200 metrics a second from Python, with additional ingest from Telegraf. The next step for the company was to convert their polling engines into Telegraf plugins. Moving databases on their return to base is also now a breeze thanks to the product. Real-time SCADA dashboards sit at the frontend for all process engineering control as well.

Power Logistics found that InfluxDB integrates well with other tools, and they like the open source aspect and query language. The integration and documentation for third-party integration was their key. With minimal fuss, Power Logistics was able to migrate all existing frontend SCADA systems to a complete new backend with no notice from the users. In fact, some projects only required three lines of code to be changed, but the performance difference was immense. The query system has also made it faster to put together data on the fly, rather than pre-planning metrics that may be needed.

R&D Manager Dafydd Hirst recommends taking advantage of the community of people supporting InfluxDB because some InfluxDB developers are willing to help you get started. Processor and RAM usage is minimal for InfluxDB’s out-of-the-world performance, and its database isn’t corrupted even in unexpected shutdowns.