Prescient Devices is a company focused on changing how businesses think about and use edge data and IIoT. Prescient Designer is its edge data solutions platform that gives organizations the boost they need to transform their IT/OT processes. Prescient Devices empowers data engineers, system integrators, and innovators to easily design and orchestrate edge-to-cloud data solutions.

Prescient Devices built a SaaS platform that enables users to quickly and easily build applications to manage distributed IoT devices. The platform has two primary components: Designer (where users build and deploy applications) and Edge (an agent that users install on edge devices). Prescient uses InfluxDB in both components to handle time-stamped data. Based on Node-RED, Designer provides an intuitive, low-code development tool, expanding the range of users beyond developers to include other experts. For companies, this InfluxDB-powered platform drastically reduces development time, accelerates innovation, and generates significant cost savings.