R&D Denmark

R&D Denmark
R&D Denmark is an international engineering company that supplies knowledge and turnkey deliveries to customers within a wide range of industries. To create world-class engineering, R&D Denmark approaches customers' challenges from numerous angles to develop the right solution. With a broad industry knowledge and highly specialized engineers, the company provides customers with the right expertise to execute their projects — from heavy-duty test systems and lifting solutions for the wind industry to product development and automation.

Customer Success Story: R&D Denmark

R&D Denmark has introduced InfluxDB for easy, fast and flexible data collection/storage for some of the world’s biggest industrial test benches. Using InfluxDB has helped the company develop, test, and commission its industrial solutions quickly and with a high degree of certainty. The ability to easily store and visualize historic data has been invaluable.

All industrial PLCs that are used in R&D Denmark’s systems send data to a single InfluxDB instance via simple TCP/IP connections. Grafana is then used for data visualization for both developers during system commissioning and customers when the system has been handed over. This is a part of what makes the company world-leading in turnkey test bench deliveries. InfluxDB has been a game changer for industrial applications in the company, and customers often use the company’s InfluxDB-DAQ even though they have other, more expensive solutions already in place.

The company likes that InfluxDB integrates well with other tools, is open source, is scalable and performant, and has an easy-to-use query language. It is imperative that the storage system integrates well with other tools, since R&D Denmark’s use cases vary during the system lifetime. During development, data is used to calibrate and tune system performance. During commissioning, the data is used for documenting performance, and after handover, the data is used by customers for maintenance evaluations. Open source ensures the capability of “playing around” with the system for easy development of new focus areas.

Software Team Manager Jorgen Houmoller recommends InfluxDB because it is easy to install on many operating systems, and with the good documentation, is up and running in no time. You don’t need an old-fashioned user manual like other applications, and if you need help, there are many tips and solutions available on the internet. Numerous programs and plugins can be found online so you can combine InfluxDB with many tools. Houmoller also loves that InfluxDB is open source and runs even on Raspberry Pi, so there are no excuses to not try it at home. The simple HTTP line protocol makes InfluxDB communication easy for almost all programming languages and systems. The best tip Houmoller can give is to create your own (if not already existing) InfluxDBWriter to make data acquisition very easy!

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