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Vantage Circle

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Vantage circle

Vantage Circle is an online human resources platform based in India that offers corporations employee rewards, on-the-spot recognition, perks, feedback, and wellness solutions designed for today’s global workforce. Vantage Circle helps corporations provide their employees with a comprehensive and cost-effective employee benefits package that drives employee engagement and improves productivity.

Vantage Circle’s user base is 900,000+ employees from some of the top corporations in India and they employ dozens of employees located in India, the United States, and Australia.

The quality assurance team at Vantage Circle uses InfluxData’s InfluxDB, Telegraf and Chronograf for log analysis of their many web applications such as Apache, Java/Scala and SimpleSAMLphp logs. With InfluxData’s tools, website developers can quickly identify problems and act accordingly.

1 million +

Number of HR professionals using online employee rewards platform

Improved web application log analysis

Better monitoring of Apache, Java/Scala and SimpleSAMLphp logs

Streamlined observability

Identify incidents faster and quicker time to resolution

Technologies Used

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