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Developers want to query performance against historical data without slowing apps down. InfluxDB solves scalable persistence and time series analytics of large data volumes. Explore the resources below and create an account for free.

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Stop by and say hello

The InfluxDB team will be onsite, booth s13, at Kafka Summit from October 4-5, 2022 at the Austin Convention Center + The Fairmont Austin in Austin, Texas.


Live demo

Visit our booth to learn what’s new with InfluxDB & Kafka in a live demo and get answers and advice from our technical team!


1:1 Meeting with Sales onsite

Meet with the InfluxDB sales team at Kafka Summit to chat about your use case and answer your questions.



Come by our booth and say hi to snag our famous InfluxDB socks and awesome stickers for your laptop. We may even have a raffle!

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Learn about Apache Kafka and InfluxDB, and how they can be used together to create tasks and alerts as well as query data via clients.


Manage your cluster, monitor system health in easy-to-use and visualized dashboards, get automated alerts and triggers, and more.

  • BLOG

Why we decided to start a simple, fresh, fully-async Kafka client in Rust: RSKafka.


Build software with Kafka and an easy-to-use, scalable, serverless time series platform.


Telegraf has hundreds of plugins. Here, developer Mya Longmire explains how to configure Telegraf plugins for data ingest.


Build an end-to-end data streaming pipeline for massive IoT data flows with Kafka and MQTT.


Learn how Hulu uses InfluxDB and Kafka to scale to over 1 Million metrics a second.


Monitor your entire infrastructure stack, including servers, containers, databases and cloud services.


In this blog series, Jay Clifford summarizes what Kafka and MQTT are and how they can both fit into an IoT architecture.


Step-by-step on how to develop a Telegraf parser plugin.


Developer Education

Free training for time series app developers

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