InfluxDB for the Enterprise

Manage large, mission-critical workloads in a highly available, purpose-built time series database — with added security and support.
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Unlock real-time insights at scale

Run and scale secure, enterprise-grade workloads with lower total costs


Better write


Reduction in
storage costs


Faster queries for high
cardinality data


Faster queries for
recent data

Compared to InfluxDB Open Source, see the Benchmarks Report

Turn improved Time to Awesome™ into revenue

Time to Awesome™ — Optimizing for developer happiness and productivity

Eliminate data silos and simplify data pipelines. Collect, analyze, and store all types of time series data – metrics, events, and traces – in a single data store.

InfluxDB supports SQL (and SQL-like InfluxQL) for data queries, reducing friction, and enabling rapid application development. Client libraries in multiple languages (Python, Go, C#, etc.) provide more flexibility.

InfluxDB uses multiple storage tiers to optimize query performance. The “hot” tier data consists of live and recently queried data to deliver real-time results.

Cardinality limits are a thing of the past. Ingest high volume and high cardinality data – to the tune of hundreds of millions of time series data points per second – without impacting performance.

High-ratio data compression, using the open source Apache Parquet file format, allows you to store more data, using less space, and all on low-cost object storage.

A schema-on-write database, InfluxDB 3.0 automatically updates your data schema to fit the shape of your data. Any expensive data migrations necessary with relational databases are a thing of the past.

InfluxDB delivers critical requirements, without the hassle

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Uncompromising reliability

Clustering stores data across nodes so that it’s always available and accessible, enabling you to support uptime SLAs and prevent data loss.
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World-class support

Multiple support packages give you the level of support you need, from development and proof-of-concept to testing, deployment, and disaster recovery.
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Enterprise-grade security

InfluxDB encrypts data in transit and at rest, provides private networking options, single sign on (SSO), attribute-based access control (ABAC), and compliance with SOC 2 and ISO standards.
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Interoperability and integrations

Built on the open source Apache Arrow project, InfluxDB easily integrates with the open source ecosystem, allowing you to extend the value of time series insights further than ever before.

Empowering developers

With 300+ plugins, InfluxDB’s flexible architecture makes infrastructure customizations easy

Lower storage costs

icon The latest release, InfluxDB 3.0, can reduce storage costs by 90%+ compared with InfluxDB OSS.
icon Deliver uncompromising speed with cost-effective long-term data storage.

Trusted by more than half a million users

We decided, from a monitoring perspective, that we are going with a best of breed setup. So, we put the best tools in place, like InfluxDB for metrics monitoring.
Daniel Putz,
DevOps Enablement, Volvo
InfluxDB is a high-speed read and write database. The data is being written in real time, you can read in real time, and when you’re reading it, you can apply your machine learning model. So, in real time, you can forecast, and you can detect anomalies.
Rajeev Tomer,
Sr. Manager of Data Engineering,
Capital One
I cannot tell you how much we reach out to InfluxData Technical Support, which has been really, really, really helpful to help us out in time of need.
Dennis Brazil,
SRE Monitoring, PayPal

Customize for your enterprise

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InfluxDB Cloud Dedicated

  • Single-tenant cloud environment
  • Capacity-based pricing
  • Support included


InfluxDB Clustered

  • Deploy where you want it
  • Capacity-based pricing
  • Support included

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