Renewable Energy

The renewable energy solution using InfluxDB provides developers with a platform used to collect data with nanosecond precision to facilitates data-driven actions.

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Why a purpose-built time series database?

Time-stamped data is ingested, collected, and transformed by developers to trigger workflows or alerts. The data includes measurements or events that are tracked, monitored, downsampled, and aggregated over time.

Why InfluxDB for renewable energy?

Today’s energy consumers are turned off by fossil fuels and have turned their attention, and demand, to renewable and greener sources of energy like wind, solar, and biofuels. Traditional utilities are scrambling to provide renewable capacity on their own grids, and new companies, new technology, and new approaches to production and distribution are booming.

Sparking innovation

Organizations struggle to integrate new technologies, hire enough engineers, and effectively market new tools. It’s easy to lose track of the fundamentals — too many promising new renewable energy offerings end up as expensive experiments because developers fail to consider the real-time streams of data from their assets, infrastructure, and software.

How InfluxDB can help

Whether you are building highly efficient solar panels, battery storage, or software to make it all work with the existing energy grid, you can use InfluxDB to capture, store, and analyze data from your devices, applications, and infrastructure. Gain visibility to enable a better customer experience.

Getting started

InfluxDB stores all of the data using a time series index, which means that the precise time is retained and used to organize, order, and analyze the metrics. Use InfluxDB to monitor assets in the field, optimize production, and exceed customer expectations.

The functional architecture of the InfluxData renewable energy platform


“InfluxDB is helping Bboxx become a data-driven business. Instead of just selling boxes, we’ll soon be selling customers a pay-by-the-month plan. It’s the speed, reliability, and scalability of InfluxDB that is enabling us to move ahead with this more flexible and responsive plan.”

David McLean, Senior Developer, Bboxx

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