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Certa Scale

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Certa Scale

Certa Scale is a cloud based datacenter operating system based on Kubernetes. It offers complete cloud management & creative control for multiple websites, data centers, and assets across private and public infrastructure. With Certa Scale enterprise companies can take advantage of on premise security while also having the option to support cloud based workloads.

Certa Scale needed a monitoring solution for their system. Since it was built on Kubernetes, they needed a Kubernetes monitoring solution. Certa Scale turned to InfluxData because of its flexibility and scalability in monitoring Kubernetes containers.

Certa Scale uses Telegraf, InfluxDB and Chronograf as a monitoring tool for host nodes, as well as its containers. Since Certa Scale runs in a container, distributed over a couple of nodes, the most compelling part of InfluxData was the ability to get it to work with predefined databases and security mechanisms.

20x faster

Application performance at a fraction of the cost

Better scalability

Built on open source components with custom solutions

Seamless integration

Predefined databases and security mechanisms

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