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Crosser are using modern technologies to provide their customers with better industrial IoT monitoring and intelligent workflows. They have designed and created streaming analytic and automation and integration software to any Edge, on-premises or cloud architecture. Their solution, Crosser Node, enables real-time processing of streaming and batch data.

Crosser Node is installed at the edge and can collect any sensor data from PLC, DCS, MES, SCADA systems or historian systems. Their clients are able to implement Industry 4.0 practices with their easy drag-and-drop tool. Their solution helps users analyze IIoT data and improve anomaly detection. They are equipping their clientbase with ML models which support their Python-based frameworks. Crosser uses InfluxDB as their time series data storage solution.

Modernizing industrial data analysis

Creators of a data pipeline which provides streaming analytics at the edge

Built historian on InfluxDB

Needed a performant time series data solution capable of collecting any data

Improving forecasting for customers

By creating ML models based on historical data and analysis

Technologies Used

“We needed a database with historical capabilities — InfluxDB was a perfect choice for that as it is a high performance database that is optimized for storing time series data.”

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