Gotion is a leading vehicle electric battery and battery management system manufacturer with a global presence (top 10 worldwide). Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, the company’s goal is to innovate and create the next generation of battery technology. With R&D centers in Ohio, China, Japan and Europe, Gotion is powered by a leading power battery technology company that provides solutions for vehicles including the world’s first mass commercial e-bus route.

Gotion is working on a new data platform for EV and energy storage batteries with analytics and machine learning features. Gotion has found that InfluxDB is good at data compression, which can save long-term data storage costs for the company. The query language supports many native time series operations like aggregations and selectors which reduces network overhead and pipeline workload.

The company likes InfluxDB because it integrates well with other tools, is open source, has an easy-to-use query language, and is scalable. Because InfluxDB is open source, it has many common APIs including Python and Matlab, which Gotion uses heavily.