WP Engine powers more of the top 10M sites than anyone else in WordPress. They serve 5.2 billion web requests per day! WP Engine’s solution provides their customers with performance, intelligence and integrations they need to drive businesses forward faster.

WP Engine needed a monitoring solution without single failure points to support their scale. Their new observability platform is built on InfluxDB and has provided them with improved monitoring of their operations. They are now collecting over 5.5 million data points and have streamlined their real-time alerting. Their new monitoring setup doesn’t have any single points of failure, which means it can properly scale with the business.

InfluxDays presentation

WP Engine presented at InfluxDays North America 2021. In this talk, they provided an overview of how WP Engine modernized their observability platform with a time series database. WP Engine demonstrated how they have architected their solution using InfluxDB, Grafana, Kubertnetes and PagerDuty. The WP Engine team has gained better infrastructure visibility and reduced downtime.

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