InfluxCloud is the easiest way to get started! InfluxCloud is a secure, fully managed database as a service offering, hosted (on AWS) and managed by InfluxData with all the features of the InfluxData platform. The platform supports the collection, storage, monitoring, visualization, and alerting of time series data.

InfluxCloud is the best choice if you want to have a fully supported, managed, and hosted version of the InfluxData platform. InfluxCloud can scale as you grow. We offer flexible standard configurations and pricing which can be purchased via credit card, or contact Sales for customized options.

The InfluxCloud subscription includes:


Managed Service

InfluxCloud is a secure, fully supported and managed database as a service offering, hosted (on AWS), by the team at InfluxData. InfluxCloud pricing depends on the plan chosen and the amount of storage needed.



InfluxCloud includes proprietary (closed source) clustering functionality that allows for the fault-tolerance and scalability of the database (InfluxDB) and the stream-processor (Kapacitor). Clustering allows data to be sharded across nodes and provides the technical infrastructure to support service availability where having guaranteed access to and reacting to your metrics and events needs to be done in real-time all the time. This is key in order to support SLAs or understand performance metrics to minimize business impact. InfluxEnteprise also supports the de-duping of alerts and notifications where multiple clusters can detect the same pattern in the stream-processing engine.


Access Control

InfluxCloud includes proprietary (closed source) access control features that support role-based access control to restrict or allow certain users, or groups of users, from performing certain tasks.

Benefits of role-based access control are:

  • Security: the desired level of security can be maintained by roles
  • Minimal admin work: easy for administrators to grant and remove access
  • Ease of use: no need for users to have to remember more passwords

Enterprise Support

The InfluxCloud subscription connects you to a uniquely qualified and skilled team of software professionals with deep expertise running all the components of the InfluxCloud product, including support for the complete underlying Open Source Platform (TICK Stack). This subscription provides technical assistance to cover the entire lifecycle—from development and proof-of-concept to QA/test to production and deployment.


Automatic Backup

InfluxCloud is automatically backed up, with a full 3 days of backups available at any time, and the option to download backups for longer retention needs. This provides complete peace of mind knowing that your data is always safe and protected.


InfluxCloud is the choice if you want to run the InfluxData platform as a managed service. InfluxData has a variety of pricing options. Get started with a Free 14-day trial, and then grow as your needs grow. Customers choose InfluxCloud for these reasons:


It provides the fastest time to results because it is available as a service, easy to use, easy to change, and easy to scale.


It is the most performant solution with a focus on read/write performance while supporting full clustering.


It is the most flexible real-time solution due to its schema-less design, support for nanosecond precision, and ability to integrate with anything.


It provides lower total cost of ownership (time to set up, number of servers, price not based on data volume, and compression of data).

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