InfluxDB Cloud 1.x

InfluxDB Cloud is a secure, feature-rich time series database hosted on AWS and fully managed by InfluxData.

What is InfluxDB Cloud 1.x?

InfluxDB Cloud is the perfect choice for your fully supported, fully managed time series platform and scales effortlessly as you grow. We even offer flexible pricing to fit your project’s needs.

Why use InfluxDB Cloud 1.x?

InfluxDB Cloud provides you with the fastest time to the results you need, and as a service, is easy to use, easy to change, and easy to scale.

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    Read-write optimization while supporting full clustering makes, InfluxDB Cloud 1.x the most performant time series platform.

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    The schemaless design makes ingesting data easy at any time interval and is able to integrate with any other data sources.

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    Lower total cost of ownership

    Let us handle maintenance for your time series database clusters so that you can focus on what makes your product thrive.

Activate powerful features of InfluxDB Cloud 1.x

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    Build dynamic applications with InfluxDB Cloud

    Harness your collected data to provide rich insights to your customers and get where you want to be, faster.

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    200+ Telegraf plugins

    And a powerful collection of client libraries means you can start collecting metrics from various sources immediately with ease.

  • analytics

    Lightning-fast ingest and query capabilities

    Allow your applications to present data to your users in near real time, allowing for quick remediation of hiccups.

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    Downsampling and custom retention policies

    Allow you to only keep what you really need, avoiding unnecessary storage costs.

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    Dashboard as you like

    With Chronograf out of the box or tie it to powerful dashboarding tools like Grafana or Seeq.

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InfluxDB Cloud 1.0

Listen to Russ Savage, Director of Product Management provide you a tour of InfluxDB Cloud – the easiest way to get started building powerful insights into your applications.

Available as InfluxDB open source, InfluxDB Cloud & InfluxDB Enterprise

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