InfluxDB Cloud 2.0

Get started in the cloud — a brand new InfluxDB Cloud experience to test drive InfluxDB, Flux and more.

What is InfluxDB Cloud?

A whole new cloud experience rewritten as a multi-tenanted, time series service. InfluxDB Cloud is much more than just a database — it’s a monitoring system, dashboarding engine, analytics service and an event and metrics processor.

Why use InfluxDB Cloud?

Single unified API:

Everything in InfluxDB — ingestion, query, storage and visualization — is now accessible via a unified API. APIs enable faster time to awesome for developers as everything in the platform can now be programmatically accessed and controlled.

Deeper insights with new Flux language support:

Flux is a fourth-generation programming language designed for data scripting, monitoring, and analytics. Now it is possible to do complex analytics and math across measurements.

Rate-limited FREE Tier:

InfluxDB Cloud now includes a rate-limited free tier that we intend to keep free. Designed for getting started and the hobbyist, it is even faster to get started than downloading the open source product.

Integrated visualization and dashboarding:

The work pioneering in the Chronograf project is now part of InfluxDB. This enables a better onboarding and user experience without having to rely on additional installs.

Faster onboarding:

The complete getting started experience has been revamped to reduce the time to productivity. Powerful wizards walk through all the steps of setting up and connecting to your data. The product contains dashboards for the most common use cases.

InfluxDB Cloud news
Find out more about InfluxData’s next generation Cloud platform. The whole system has been rewritten as a multi-tenanted, time series service.

Available as InfluxDB open source, InfluxDB Cloud & InfluxDB Enterprise

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