Real-Time Insights at Any Scale with InfluxDB on Google Cloud Platform

Exceptional performance on the cloud platform you trust

Data collection at scale

InfluxDB keeps pace with the speed and scale of data generation, ingesting millions of data points every second.

Real-time query response

Data is immediately available for querying in InfluxDB, enabling real-time SQL queries and responses.

Keep your data longer

InfluxDB uses a columnar approach and Apache Parquet to deliver superior data compression so you can keep more data with less space.

Options for all Google Cloud developers—
any workload, any scale

InfluxDB Cloud on Google

Ideal for: Small/growing workloads in the cloud

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Our elastic, serverless, and fully-managed time series platform based on the TSM engine. With InfluxDB Cloud, get real-time observability at any scale with no upfront engineering or budget commitment. Usage-based pricing, billed via GCP Marketplace, ensures you only pay for what you use.

InfluxDB Clustered

Ideal for: Enterprise workloads on-prem and in private cloud

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The power and performance of InfluxDB 3.0, available as a single-tenant version that you can run on your dedicated Google Cloud infrastructure, gives you complete control, enterprise-grade security, enhanced support, and more.

Integrated with Google services and products

InfluxDB works seamlessly with popular projects like Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Grafana with native support for Google Cloud applications and services. Easily collect metrics, health status, state, statistics, and event data, and build dashboards for resources, services, and KPIs using InfluxDB’s collection agent Telegraf:

  • Cloud monitoring & logging: Use Telegraf's Stackdriver Input plugin to collect metrics, events and metadata from 40 different Google Cloud services and store them in InfluxDB for dashboarding and analysis. Use Telegraf's Stackdriver Output plugin to output data to Stackdriver.
  • Google Kubernetes Engine: For GKE monitoring, use Telegraf's Kubernetes Input plugin, which uses the Kubelet API and gathers metrics about running pods and containers on a host. Telegraf's Kube Inventory plugin generates metrics derived from the state of Kubernetes resources. The Prometheus Telegraf plugin gathers data from applications and services exposing metrics in Prometheus format.
  • Pub/Sub: Pull or push messages from Pub/Sub into InfluxDB using Telegraf's Google Cloud PubSub plugin or PubSub Push plugin, and send data from InfluxDB to Google Cloud PubSub using Telegraf's Cloud PubSub Output plugin. From there, you can send data from Pub/Sub to BigQuery and even to the Google AI platform.
  • Cloud Build: Telegraf can monitor containers used by Google Cloud Build through the Telegraf Docker Plugin and Docker Log Plugin.
  • Compute Engine: Telegraf can monitor virtual machines spun up by Google Compute Engine, using its system monitoring plugins or any of the many plugins for monitoring resources (CPU, mem, disk, network resources, etc.) and the applications running on those virtual machines (e.g. Apache servers, MySQL database, Consul, Redis etc.).
  • IoT Core: Telegraf integrates with Cloud IoT Core to collect metrics from devices and sensors. It can also consume MQTT topics or output data using the MQTT input plugin.
  • Streamline Kubernetes operations: Users of either open source Kubernetes or Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) can deploy InfluxDB and handle operational tasks automatically using the InfluxData Kubernetes service operator. This operator is built using the Operator SDK, part of the Operator Framework and manages one or more InfluxDB instances deployed on Kubernetes.

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Mission-critical applications run on time series data

Monitoring and observability

Track mission-critical systems and devices to gain performance insights. Identify and resolve bottlenecks, troubleshoot issues, and take informed action before impacting users.

Real-time IoT insights and analytics

InfluxDB handles the scale of IoT/OT workloads to identify patterns, power predictive models, drive automation, and turn real-time and historical data into insights and action.

What our customers are saying


"InfluxDB has become our go-to database choice. Often if we are using a different tool, we figure out how to get data out of the tool into InfluxDB. It’s easier to use, performs better, and is cheaper."

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Jack Tench
Senior Software Engineer, Vonage

Vera C. Rubin Observatory

"If you need more than three days to make it work, it isn’t the right solution for you. We ultimately picked InfluxDB, the purpose-built time series database."

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Dr. Angelo Fausti
Software Engineer, Vera C. Rubin Observatory


"One of the requirements for us was no single point of failure. We can’t afford to have something go wrong with InfluxDB because the metrics stored in there are too important to help keep our service uptime commitments."

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Yuri Ardulov
Principal System Architect, RingCentral

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