Google Cloud PubSub Push Telegraf Input Plugin

Google Cloud PubSub is a messaging queue and ingestion solution for event-driven systems and streaming analytics. It’s fully managed and lets independent applications communicate asynchronously using a publisher/subscriber architecture. An application sends messages to the Pub/Sub service and other applications can subscribe to topics to receive relevant messages. Google Cloud Pub/Sub works well in Google Compute Engine instances with large sets of data that can be distributed efficiently.

Why use the Google Cloud PubSub Push Telegraf Plugin?

The Google Cloud PubSub Push Input Plugin listens for messages sent via an HTTP POST from Google Cloud PubSub. Telegraf serves as an endpoint to the Google Pub/Sub ‘Push’ service. Google’s PubSub service sends over HTTPS/TLS, so this plugin must be behind a valid proxy or configured to use TLS.

Collecting your messages with this Telegraf plugin allows you to store your messages in InfluxDB along with all of your other metric and event data, such as message attributes and subscription topics.

How to use the Google Cloud PubSub Push Telegraf Plugin

The Google Cloud PubSub Push Telegraf Plugin is simple to use. First you need to create a PUSH subscription for a PubSub topic. Then you can choose the configuration options that fit your environment (such as service address, tokens, timeouts, and body size). In addition, you can enable TLS by specifying the file names of a service TLS certificate and key. You can also enable mutually authenticated TLS and authorize client connections by including a list of allowed CA certificate file names in tls_allowed_cacerts.</p>

It’s important to note that this plugin expects messages in Google’s Pub/Sub JSON format only.

Key Google Cloud PubSub Push metrics to monitor

With Google Cloud PubSub Push, you can stream data between different applications, application monitoring, fraud detection and live leader-boards. The data type Message defines the structure of a Google Pub/Sub message and the data type Payload is the received Google Pub/Sub data.

For more information, please check out the documentation.

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