Use Cases for Time-Series Data

Time-series data is a powerful insight waiting to be unlocked inside of every business process, application, piece of IT infrastructure and IoT sensor. When harnessed, it can reveal actionable trends, patterns, variability, rates of change, covariation, cycles, exceptions, anomalies and outliers. In practice, understanding time-series data helps you answer questions like:

  • What offer is best to present to a visitor based on their behavior, in real-time?
  • What patterns can I detect in financial markets that I can use to execute faster, more intelligent transactions?
  • Can I predict how long visitors will stay and why they’ll drop off?
  • Can I track sensors on my fleet vehicles over time to optimize delivery schedules and fuel economy?
  • Can I predict if my elastic infrastructure will scale on events like Black Friday?
  • Can I weave through petabytes of machine to machine data over time to detect malicious patterns in my network?
  • Can I increase the yield of my crops and lower my costs by adjusting water and fertilizer in real-time, based on environmental conditions?


InfluxData offers a comprehensive time-series management platform to meet your analytics challenges quickly, at IoT scale and with an eye on driving cost efficiencies.

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Next: Why InfluxData?


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