Aiven is a next-generation managed cloud service hosting for software infrastructure services. Their focus is on ease of adoption, high fault resilience and peace of mind. Aiven is a true Database-as-a-Service and includes advanced service options like the InfluxDB time series database and Grafana data visualization toolkit.

Customer Success Story: Aiven

Aiven offers InfluxData and Grafana as a service on multiple clouds in 47 different data centers around the world. Their focus is on ease of use while offering advanced features like online plan upgrades and no-downtime migration from one region to another.

Aiven began using InfluxDB for their own monitoring purposes and found it so great that they started offering it to their customers as well.

“InfluxDB offers great performance with compact database sizes, allowing using a long metrics history while maintaining high sample time resolution for the most recent data points,” said Mika Eloranta, co-founder of Aiven, “Downsampling older metric points with ‘Continuous Queries’ is a breeze.”


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