The Getting Started with InfluxDB Challenge

Have fun learning about collecting, transforming and visualizing time-stamped data and win prizes.


InfluxDB is a purpose-built data platform designed to handle all time series data, from users, sensors, applications and infrastructure — seamlessly collecting, storing, visualizing, and turning insight into action. With a library of more than 300 open source plugins, importing and monitoring data from any system is easy.

Pass the Getting Started with InfluxDB Challenge and get a free pair of InfluxDB socks.

Here’s how the challenge works:

  1. Sign up for a free InfluxDB account
  2. Follow the 4 steps below (5 if you’re feeling adventurous!)
  3. Submit your completed challenge with a screenshot of your steps.
  4. We’ll verify your entry and send you a code to claim your socks!

Start the Challenge


Sign up for InfluxDB Cloud

Create a free InfluxDB Cloud account at


Load data into the platform

Load data into (at a regular interval) into the InfluxDB platform using one of the methods below. (Hint: Air Quality Data or System metrics from your mac)


Create a task in the platform

Create a task to do one of the following. (Hint: Setup Slack Notification endpoint)


Create a dashboard to visualize the data

Visualize your data by creating a custom dashboard. Be sure to take a screenshot when you’re finished.

  • Note: If using a pre-built InfluxDB Template, you must customize to make it unique!



Submit your challenge

Submit your completed challenge with screenshots through this form. Once your entry has been verified, you’ll receive a code to claim your free InfluxDB socks!

Questions? Email us at [email protected]

Good luck!
Team InfluxDB

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Contest details

InfluxData is committed to compliance and protecting your personal information. By taking part in the InfluxDB Challenges and sharing your feedback with InfluxData, you hereby accept InfluxData's Privacy Policy, including the use of your personal information and contact information for receiving additional product-related marketing materials.

Participants are eligible to enter the Getting Started with InfluxDB Challenge one (1) time. Participants creating multiple entries may be disqualified from participating in future contests and challenges.

Only new InfluxDB Cloud users are eligible to participate in the challenge. Participants with an InfluxDB Cloud account older than 30 days are not eligible to participate in the contest.

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