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Customer Use Cases of InfluxData and Google

“InfluxDB offers great performance with compact database sizes, allowing using a long metrics history while maintaining high sample time resolution for the most recent data points,” said Mika Eloranta, co-founder of Aiven, “Downsampling older metric points with ‘continuous queries’ is a breeze.”

Mika Eloranta
Co-founder of Aiven


Aiven, a next-generation managed cloud service hosting for your software infrastructure services, uses InfluxDB on Google Cloud Platform. A highly scalable Time Series Database, InfluxDB can handle variable data sets and query past data. Aiven InfluxDB is a fully managed and hosted version of the open-source database, providing Aiven’s users with automatic setup, maintenance, and backups. Aiven InfluxDB allows you to ingest hundreds of thousands of data points per second on Google Cloud Platform as well as other platforms. Learn more about Aiven’s SaaS solution on Google Cloud Marketplace.

Telegraf Plugin for Google Cloud IoT Core

InfluxData has integrated with Google Cloud IoT Core to improve users’ IoT environments with expanded data collection and analysis. With the Telegraf agent for Google Cloud IoT Core, users can get better insight and analytics from their IoT environments by using InfluxDB to provide continuous insight, improve operational efficiency, and better optimize their businesses with real-time decision making and control.

In addition, now Google Cloud users have one-click access to InfluxData’s Time Series Platform for collection and analysis of metrics and events data for real-time decision making through InfluxData’s new Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace listing.

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