Software services don’t work alone. InfluxData’s focus on open source and open standards means we offer product integrations with your preferred platforms of choice.

Seamless integration made easy with 300+ plugins

If your application relies on Amazon Web Services, we work with that. If you monitor your Kubernetes with Grafana or deploy applications through Docker, we work with that, too. We provide tools and services that help you integrate your favorite systems across the spectrum of IT offerings, from applications to services, databases to containers. InfluxDB’s architecture allows you to monitor the metrics of your machines, sensors, and any other details that you need to increase productivity and maximize your resources.

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Sends alerts for consolidation and de-duplication via a JSON API.

Apcupsd Telegraf Plugin

The Apcupsd plugin reads data from an apcupsd daemon, facilitating power management and control.

Bcache Telegraf Plugin

The Bcache plugin gets statistics from the `stats_total` directory and `dirty_data` file.

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