Due to the great feedback from our customers, we are excited to announce that we are adding dedicated instances of Grafana to InfluxCloud service. We know that the data our customers collect about their applications and services is powerful, and that allowing configurable access to different groups and users in their organization to view this information with their own dashboards extends this power.

Multi-tenant support for Grafana is available to all InfluxCloud customers, regardless of their plan, at only $200/month.

Of course, current customers of InfluxCloud can still continue to enjoy the free option that comes with every purchase where all users have access to the same set of dashboards and data.

Setting up InfluxCloud service with this new capability is simple – choose the option in your InfluxCloud dashboard and configure your users and organizations in the Grafana Server Admin page. We have prepared a quick video to show you how.

So why choose InfluxCloud?

InfluxCloud is a great way to gather, store, and analyze a variety of metrics from various systems without the hassle of setting up an environment to host InfluxDB – allowing customers to focus more on the “Dev” and less on the “Ops.” The reasons are simple:

  • Improve your business – Gain insights that translate into great user experiences for your customers
  • Automate business processes – See what happens in your dynamic, distributed environments and address issues calmly – no more fire drills
  • Good Value – don’t spend a fortune, pay for capacity when you need it

In addition, you will never have to worry about:

  • Dealing with failover, keeping the systems always available
  • Updates, backups, & dealing with finicky upgrade processes
  • Finding the hardware and people to monitor, manage & scale systems

The InfluxCloud service already comes with full clustering support at no additional charge to ensure that you can focus on what matters most.

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