Announcing Telegraf 0.2.1 with Support for Writing UDP to InfluxDB and Multiple Outputs of the Same Type

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Release Notes

  • UDP InfluxDB output now supported
  • Telegraf will now compile on FreeBSD
  • Users can now specify outputs as lists, allowing multiple outputs of the same type.
  • Telegraf will no longer use docker-compose for "long" unit test, it has been changed to run docker commands in the Makefile. See make docker-run and make docker-kill. make test will still run all unit tests with docker.
  • Long unit tests are now run in CircleCI, with docker & race detector
  • Redis plugin tag has changed from host to server
  • HAProxy plugin tag has changed from host to server





  • #331: Dont overwrite host tag in redis plugin.
  • #336: Mongodb plugin should take 2 measurements.
  • #351: Fix continual "CREATE DATABASE" in writes
  • #360: Apply prefix before ShouldPass check. Thanks @sotfo!