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Paul Dix

Paul Dix

Paul is the creator of InfluxDB. He has helped build software for startups, large companies and organizations like Microsoft, Google, McAfee, Thomson Reuters, and Air Force Space Command. He is the series editor for Addison Wesley s Data & Analytics book and video series. In 2010 Paul wrote the book Service Oriented Design with Ruby and Rails for Addison Wesley s. In 2009 he started the NYC Machine Learning Meetup, which now has over 7,000 members. Paul holds a degree in computer science from Columbia University.

Announcing InfluxDB 0.9.5-rc2

Today we’re releasing InfluxDB v0.9.5-rc2. For the last 4 weeks, we were blocking this release based on finishing our work on the new Time Structured Merge Tree storage engine. While the work on TSM isn’t completed yet (and thus not included...

InfluxDB v0.9.0 release update 3

This is a quick update on the 0.9.0 release status. In the past four weeks we completely reworked the clustering and write path of InfluxDB. This work is in RC32, which we’ll be cutting later today. The stability of a single...

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