Class is in Session - Announcing InfluxDB University

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At InfluxData, it’s no surprise that we are passionate about time series data. Our team is committed to helping our community understand its capabilities and sharing easier and more efficient ways of working with InfluxDB, Telegraf and Flux. Our end goal is always to deliver faster Time to Awesome – for our users. To this end, we’re excited to announce the launch of InfluxDB University.

InfluxDB University brings together our weekly live trainings and workshops and a new catalog of free self-paced trainings to help our users get up and running faster, learn best practices and build better data-driven applications. This initiative provides us with the opportunity to focus on the skills developers need to be successful using the InfluxDB platform through hands-on and scalable trainings. With courses ranging from beginner topics to advanced configurations, InfluxDB University is for all time series developers regardless of whether they are conquering enterprise challenges or figuring out how to monitor their home weather station.

InfluxDB University - Class is in session

What to expect

Today, InfluxDB University is open and free to all. You will find introductory content to key elements of the platform, including InfluxDB, Telegraf, Kapacitor and Flux language training. We even offer a workshop course that covers how to build an IoT application with InfluxDB. These courses are on-demand, so you can work through them at your own pace – anytime, anywhere.

We’ve also launched a new section of our community discussion forums dedicated to InfluxDB U as well as some sections specific to our most popular courses where learners can connect and interact with instructors.

As skills around InfluxDB continue to grow in demand from the companies that rely on the platform to power their technologies, we wanted InfluxDB U learners to have the ability to show off their skills and achievements. Through a partnership with Credly, InfluxData is offering digital credentials for all learners who successfully complete our 100-level and above courses. Learners who earn these digital badges can share them on their social networks or add them to their resumes.

InfluxDBU digital credentials

What's coming

We know that an initiative like this wasn’t going to cover everything on launch day, but we wanted to make sure everyone had access as soon as possible. We’re committed to continually adding new courses, iterating and updating the content of current courses to include new products and features, and offering new learning pathways and goals for students.

We look forward to your feedback along the way. Like all things open source, your input is helpful and appreciated. So, thanks in advance for helping us make InfluxDB U the learning experience that developers want and deserve.

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Enroll for free today

Getting started with InfluxDB U is simple and free. Just sign up at You’ll want an InfluxDB account too if you don’t already have one so you can follow along with the instructors. You can sign up for one now – it’s free!

We are excited to welcome you to InfluxDB University!