InfluxDB Week in Review – Oct 24, 2016

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In this post we'll recap the most interesting InfluxDB related content you may have missed in the last week or so.

Announcements, Blogs, Videos and How-Tos

Multi-tenant support for Grafana available on InfluxDB Cloud

Due to the great feedback from our customers, we are excited to announce that we are adding dedicated instances of Grafana to InfluxDB Cloud. We know that the data our customers collect about their applications and services is powerful, and that allowing configurable access to different groups and users in their organization to view this information with their own dashboards extends this power.


ten-x logo

Ten-X use InfluxDB for managing logs.

Ten-X has completely revolutionized real estate, empowering people to safely and easily buy and sell residential and commercial property whenever they want to and from wherever they happen to be. It’s the only real estate platform that allows buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals to search, list and transact properties completely online.


toolslib logo

InfluxDB scalability allows ToolsLib to store billion of points, and thus closely monitor AdwCleaner usage and efficency. They are fond of continuous queries to progressively downsample data. With the provided math functions, they are the perfect tools for us to generate pertinent graphs.

ToolsLib is a hosting platform, mainly computer security oriented. Their purpose is to provide to everyone, an easy and quick way to access daily-needed tools. They also think that developers need a way to host and publish their work quickly and efficiently while keeping complete control and preserving their’s author’s rights. Thus, this platform is thought and built with this idea : make developers and users closer, and offer both of them an open and high quality service.

OHNEW logo

Ohnew Innovation provides custom monitoring using InfluxDB and Grafana.

OSS Korea Co., Ltd has been providing open source solutions, products related to a subsidiary of Total Service Package Co., Ltd Innovation ohnyu.


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