It's About Time I Joined InfluxData - Cat Stevans

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What brought me to InfluxData was a mix of fate and curiosity. My curiosity was piqued at their core values - especially at the proclamation ‘we embrace failure’. That shows me that InfluxData has the strength to state we will take risks, we will break things and we will learn from them. Any company that places their values front and center gets my attention (as it was succinctly stated to me in the interview process ‘these are not just decals we place on a wall’.). Where fate came in is I had the pleasure of working with not just one, or two, but three colleagues that happened to all be at InfluxData. I hold each one of them in the highest regard professionally and personally, and if they were thriving, the writing on the wall said I would too.

We Value Each Other

One of the best highlights in my two months here at InfluxData is working with my team: Marketing. We each have each other’s backs, get to collaborate on a daily basis, propose new ways of doing things all while exposing what each person brings to the table. I learn so much from my team every day. When you get to do what you love with others that love what they do — it’s truly a gift I get every day. 

We believe humility drives learning

Having come from a ‘non-traditional’ journey into the technology community, I can at times feel like the odd duck out. Not here. I am encouraged to ask questions, propose new ideas, drive down the ‘why’ ‘how’ and ‘why again’ questions that other companies can tend to dismiss. Questions can bring new ideas which in turn bring new ways of seeing the familiar. Continuous learning is a passion of mine, and is a pillar of the InfluxData framework.

We are committed to Open Source

While I am familiar with the Open Source community, I have never worked for a company that is so dedicated to it. It shows in everything we do that we truly care about helping developers get to results faster with less complexity and less code.

And finally - 'Get Stuff Done'

There was a reason why Elvis Presely had ‘TCB’ painted on his plane. ‘Taking Care of Business’ by doing it right, with compassion and understanding is paramount for me, and to find a company that practices this is amazing.

I hope to see you either online or in person at one of our many events in 2021 and beyond!