InfluxData raises 16M in new funding led by Battery Ventures

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Two weeks ago after almost three years of designing, coding and testing,we released the 1.0 version of the entire TICK stack (Telegraf, InfluxDB, Chronograf and Kapacitor). In addition on the same day we announced the general availability of the 1.0 version of our InfluxDB Enterprise product which included support for high availability configurations and scale out clusters for those users with high throughput requirements.The response to those releases has been tremendous and today we are excited to announce the completion of a $16M Series B funding round led by Battery Ventures.

We raised the additional capital for three reasons. First we wanted to continue our aggressive pace developing and adding capability to our entire platform to meet the expanding needs of our growing community of open source users and enterprise customers. Secondly, we wanted to expand our reach and develop relevant open source applications that when run in conjunction with our platform could address some serious challenges our community and customers were facing, and finally, like any good entrepreneurial endeavor we wanted to increase our investment in education, sales and marketing to grow our business and pave the way for the expanded platform capability and new offerings.

The round was led by Dharmesh Thakker an experienced open source investor who made early bets in MongoDB, JFrog, Mirantis, and Streamsets among others. Dharmesh was quick to see that time-series was an emergent data category poised for high growth on the strength of the IoT and Dev-Ops tooling demand.  He saw that InfluxData, by virtue of its unique approach, focusing on time-to-value and delivering a full-stack solution was the clear leader in this category in terms of users. For our part, we are pleased to have earned Dharmesh and Battery’s confidence and excited to have him as a member of our board. In addition we are thankful to have our existing investors Robin Vasan from Mayfield Fund, Dan Scholnick from Trinity Ventures, Roy Bahat from Bloomberg and Jerry Murdock Co-Founder of Insight Venture Partners participating in the round. More importantly, for adding their insight and experience as we continue on this journey to further define the rapidly expanding time-series data market and most importantly to build a company our employees, customers, community and investors are proud of.

What's next

  • Download: 1.0 GA downloads for the TICK-stack are live on our "downloads" page
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  • Deploy on Your Servers: Want to run InfluxDB clusters on your servers? Try a FREE 14-day trial of InfluxDB Enterprise featuring an intuitive UI for deploying, monitoring and rebalancing clusters, plus managing backups and restores.
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