Release Announcement: InfluxDB 1.6.0 OSS

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A new feature-bearing release for InfluxDB is now available:

Key highlights for the release include:

  • InfluxQL Language Additions – a number of new InfluxQL Transformation functions are now available including Trigonometric functions, more mathematical functions such as absolute value, log, natural log, square root, and rounding functions including Floor() and Ceil(). There are a set of new Technical Analysis functions that have been added as well.
  • Performance Improvements – include a speed up to the backup and restore through parallelization of gzip. Optimization of the Spread() function to process points iteratively instead of in batch and some additional performance improvements related to running the SHOW TAG KEYS meta query.
  • Operational Improvements – include HTTP write throttle settings to allow the database to provide "back pressure" if it is being overwhelmed with write requests. Unix socket group and permissions created by the server can be customized. The write log can now be disabled. Points are now validated when they are ingested, and information about which index is being used is now logged during startup.

Thank you to all the community members who contributed to the InfluxQL language additions!!

If you have been using the TSI preview with InfluxDB Enterprise 1.3.6 or earlier 1.3.x releases, you will need to follow the upgrade steps. TSI is a generally available feature — ready for production use. See more details here: Upgrading from previous versions