Release Announcement: InfluxDB Enterprise 1.7.3

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A new feature-bearing release for InfluxDB Enterprise is now available.

This the first official release of InfluxDB Enterprise on the 1.7 line.

Key highlights for the Enterprise release include:

  • Technical Preview of Flux is available. If you wish to explore this new query language, you will need to modify the configuration to activate it. This is not recommended for production environments. The same authentication and authorization applies to Flux queries, however fine-grained authorization support has not been implemented.
  • For customers using LDAP as the backing security store, a new LDAP configuration setting, security, allows you to configure InfluxDB to use StartTLS, per the LDAPv3 standard, to upgrade an unencrypted connection to TLS.
  • Additional TLS configuration options are available now allowing for TLS to be enabled between the data nodes, and TLS support can also be activated on port 8089 for the meta nodes.
  • The Anti-Entropy (AE) service is configured to be 'off' by default. Customers should explore and understand the performance overhead and impact of turning this feature on, prior to activating it within a production environment.

Features released with InfluxDB 1.7 OSS and all subsequent defect fixes from versions 1.7.1, 1.7.2 and 1.7.3 are available with InfluxDB Enterprise 1.7.3.

For our InfluxDB Enterprise customers, log in to the InfluxDB Enterprise portal and download the binaries from there.