Release Announcement: Telegraf 1.17.1

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A new maintenance release for Telegraf is available now.

This maintenance release of Telegraf includes the following improvements:

  • Added Event Log support for Windows platforms
  • CSV Parser (csv)
    • Added the ability to define an array of string skip values to the csv parser. Addresses the issue of ignoring missing values
  • Merge Aggregator (merge)
    • Performance optimization improvements
  • gNMI Input (gnmi)
    • Fixed an issue where metric path has leading character truncated
  • HTTP Listener v2 (http_listener_v2)
    • Fixed an issue with Stop() when plugin fails to start
  • IPMI Sensor Input (ipmi_sensor)
    • Added a setting to enable caching in ipmitool
    • Added a hex_key parameter for plugin connection
  • Jenkins Input (jenkins)
    • Added support for an inclusive job list in Jenkins plugin
  • Lustre2 Input (lustre2)
    • Fixed an issue when the plugin would crash if the field name and value are not separated by whitespace
  • Ping Input (ping)
    • Use go-ping library when method = "native" in the configuration
  • Prometheus Input (prometheus)
    • Use mime-type in prometheus parser to handle protocol-buffer responses
  • Procstat Input (procstat)
    • Provide an option to include core count when reporting cpu_usage
    • Use the same timestamp for all metrics in the same Gather() cycle.
  • PostgreSQL Extensible Input (postgresql_extensible)
    • Added a timestamp column option to postgres_extensible to handle log like queries
  • SNMP Input (snmp)
    • Extended the internal SNMP wrapper to support AES-192, AES-192C, AES-256, and AES-256C
  • Webhooks Input (webhooks)
    • Use the measurement json field from the webhook as the measurement name
  • x509 Certificate Input (x509_cert)
    • Fixed a timeout issue
  • Zookeeper Input (zookeeper)
    • Improved mntr regex expression to match user specific keys
  • HTTP Output (http)
    • Added option to control idle connection timeout
  • InfluxDB v2 Output (outputs.influxdb_v2)
    • Fixed issue where Telegraf log was getting flooded with errors when Elasticsearch receiver is in read-only state
    • Added exponential backoff and respecting client error responses
  • TLS (common.tls)
    • Allow specifying SNI hostnames
  • Dependencies
    • Updated from 1.0.7 to 1.0.8
    • Updated from 1.27.1 to 1.27.2
    • Updated from 0.2.0 to 0.5.1
    • Updated from 1.28.0 to 1.29.0

The binaries for the latest open source release can be found on our downloads page.