Release Announcement: Telegraf 1.7.0

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A new feature-bearing release for Telegraf is now available:

The binaries for the latest open source release can be found on our downloads page.

Many thanks to the more than 60 open source community members who contributed to this effort!

Key feature highlights from the release include:

  • New syslog input plugin allows users to easily ingest logs from syslog or rsyslog servers.
  • The cassandra input plugin has been deprecated in favor of the jolokia input plugin which is much more configurable and more performant. There is an example configuration to help you get started.
  • For plugins supporting TLS, you can now specify the certificate and keys using tls_ca, tls_cert, and tls_key. These options behave the same as the now-deprecated ssl forms.
  • 12 new plugins and improvements to over 30 existing plugins.

New Input Plugins

  1. Aurora Input (aurora)
    • This plugin gathers metrics from Apache Aurora schedulers for monitoring your Aurora cluster.
  2. Burrow Input (burrow)
    • This plugin collects Kafka topic, consumer and partition status via Burrow HTTP API. It supports Burrow 1.x.
  3. Fibaro Input (fibaro)
    • This plugin makes HTTP calls to the Fibaro controller API to gather values of hooked devices.
  4. JTI OpenConfig Telemetry Input (jti_openconfig_telemetry)
    • This plugin reads Juniper Networks implementation of OpenConfig telemetry data from listed sensors using Junos Telemetry Interface.
  5. Mcrouter Input (mcrouter)
    • This plugin gathers statistics data from a Mcrouter server.
  6. nvidia-smi Input (nvidia_smi)
  7. Syslog Input (syslog)
    • This plugin listens for syslog messages transmitted over UDP or TCP formatted according to RFC 5424.

New Processor Plugins

  1. Converter Processor (converter)
    • This processor is used to change the type of tag or field and can convert between fields and tags.
  2. Regular Expression Processor (regex)
    • This processor transforms tag and field values with regex pattern and can produce new tags and fields with the results.
  3. TopK Processor (topk)
    • This processor is designed to get the top series over a configurable period of time.

New Output Plugins

  1. HTTP Output (http)
    • This plugin sends metrics in an HTTP message encoded using one of the output data formats.
  2. Application Insights Output (application_insights)