Telegraf 1.23.4 released with improvements in Kubernetes and AWS CloudWatch plugins

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This new maintenance release for Telegraf is available now.

Input plugin updates

  • AWS CloudWatch Input
    • We added the ability to customize batch size when querying.
  • Kube Inventory Input
    • The plugin will now pass a token file location instead of having Telegraf read it directly to enable token auto-refresh.
  • Kubernetes Input
    • The Kubernetes plugin will now refresh the token from a file to be re-read at every interval. This enables the Telegraf to get the new token if it’s updated or refreshed.
  • MongoDB Input
    • We updated a version check in the plugin to check that the MongoDB version is 5.0+.
  • OPC-UA Input
    • The plugin now returns an error for mismatched types.
  • SQL Server Input
    • We set a lower deadlock priority on the remaining SQL server queries.
  • Stackdriver Input
    • We updated the plugin handling when no buckets are available.

Output plugin updates

  • OpenTelemetry Output
    • We added a Coralogix dialect to OpenTelemetry output plugin for the ability to send metrics to Coralogix.
  • AWS Timestream Output
    • The plugin now works with endpoint_url provided by the customer.

Head to our Downloads page to get the latest Telegraf release. If you find issues or have questions, please join our InfluxDB Community Slack, post them in our InfluxDB GitHub Repo or our Community site, and we will take a look.

Please fill out this form if you are interested in being included in testing bug fixes and features for plugins and systems you are using. Telegraf maintainers will tag you on pull requests to test artifacts. This will help us better address bugs that may arise after a release.