| The Time for Time Series Data

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Publication: Title: The Time for Time Series Data Author: Evan Kaplan

Abstract: InfluxData CEO Evan Kaplan, in this article published on, discusses why the time is ripe for time series data. After providing a quick overview of when and why InfluxData launched its time series platform, Kaplan notes that the recent entry of Amazon Web Services (AWS) into the time series database market with Timestream (a hosted time series database) serves as evidence of what InfluxData already knew: “that building a time series platform on existing multipurpose SQL or NoSQL databases is a nonstarter for a modern enterprise. AWS is a bedrock of the modern cloud-based internet and we are excited to see how Timestream evolves.” Kaplan writes: “We are excited to have more competition in the market, as it affirms the broader market opportunity and further validates the need for robust, purpose-built solutions such as InfluxData.” Then Kaplan highlights the major differences between the two companies’ offerings.

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