RethinkDB Monitoring

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RethinkDB is a free and open-source, NoSQL, distributed document-oriented database originally created by the company of the same name. The database stores JSON documents with dynamic schemas, and is designed to facilitate pushing real-time updates for query results to applications.

Telegraf Input Plugin: RethinkDB

Monitor, manage, and track your RethinkDB performance metrics.

RethinkDB Basics

RethinkDB makes building and scaling real-time apps dramatically easier:

  • RethinkDB is the first open source, scalable JSON database built from the ground up for the real-time web.
  • RethinkDB’s real-time push architecture dramatically reduces the time and effort necessary to build scalable real-time apps.
  • RethinkDB also offers a flexible query language, intuitive operations and monitoring APIs.
For more information, please check out the documentation.

Project URL   Documentation

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