InfluxDB vs. Amazon Timestream

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InfluxDB is purpose-built for handling time series data at massive scale for real-time analytics.

Developers can ingest, store, and analyze all types of time series data — metrics, events, traces — in a single platform. Designed to handle high-speed, high-volume, and high-cardinality data, InfluxDB enables real-time insights and analysis. InfluxDB consists of the core database and storage engine, an API, and an ecosystem of tools and integrations to ingest, query, and analyze time series data.

Maximize your productivity with familiar tools, including a RESTful API, 12+ client libraries, open source integrations, and native SQL support.

Connect to Google Data Studio and other BI or data warehouses with open source ODBC and JDBC plugins based on Flight SQL.

This side-by-side comparison of InfluxDB and Amazon Timestream highlights the key differences between these time series databases so you can choose the solution that best meets your needs.

InfluxDB amazon-TimeStream
Architecture Cloud native architecture that can be used as a managed cloud service or self-managed on your own hardware locally. Available on AWS, Azure*, GCP* Fully managed, serverless time series database service that is only available on AWS
Deployment options Supports a flexible deployment ecosystem, with a common API for added portability.
  • Edge device
  • Local machine
  • Self-managed (cloud server or on-prem)
  • Fully managed (serverless or dedicated cloud)
Fully managed cloud. No deployment options (outside of region)
Scalability Vertical, horizontal, elastic Elastic
Data Scheme Flexible and implicit Flexible and implicit
High ingest workloads Optimized for high ingest workloads Optimized for high ingest workloads

* Coming soon on InfluxDB 3.0. Already available on TSM engine.

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InfluxDB amazon-TimeStream
High cardinality workloads Unlimited - No concept of cardinality Support for high cardinality (elastic cellular cloud architecture) but will impact query performance
Data tiering Automatically Yes, configurable by retention policies
Security SSO, private networking, data encryption SSO, private networking, data encryption
Pricing model Open source (on-prem), free tier (cloud), pay-as-you go or usage-based depending on the product offering and needs. Free tier and pay-as-you-go pricing model based on data ingestion (volume), storage (based on memory store and magnetic store), and query execution.

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