InfluxData Announces Change in Executive Leadership

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Evan Kaplan assumes role of CEO to help scale and focus company on the Internet of Things

San Francisco, CA, Jan 14, 2016 - InfluxData, the leading open source time-series database for IoT, has announced that Evan Kaplan will assume the role of CEO, with founder Paul Dix taking on the role of CTO. Evan Kaplan spent the last 6 months as the Entrepreneur in Residence at Trinity Ventures, an investor in InfluxData.

“Evan brings over 20 years of startup and big company leadership experience to InfluxData,” said Dan Scholnick, General Partner at Trinity Ventures. “The timing couldn’t have been better for Evan to join the InfluxData team. His skills around helping build big businesses are a perfect complement to Paul’s technical acumen. It will be very exciting to see InfluxData’s big ideas around time-series data evolve in the coming months to become to IoT what MySQL was to the web.”

Prior to InfluxData, Kaplan was the president and chief executive officer of iPass Inc., the leading provider of Global Wi-Fi access for enterprises, telecommunications, and service providers. Prior to iPass, Evan served as Chairman, CEO and founder of Aventail Corporation (now part of the Dell Corporation), the company that pioneered SSLVPN’s.

“For the last year I have been researching the IoT space in an effort to identify what companies were developing platforms that would end up being the key enablers of what many analysts and investors believe will be the largest and most disruptive technology shift in history,” said Evan Kaplan. “InfluxData is uniquely positioned to deliver all the necessary components for everyone from startups to Enterprises to draw insights in real-time from the trillions of time-series based events that will be emanating from billions of sensors.”

As CTO, Paul Dix will help InfluxData sharpen its focus on delivering the TICK stack. TICK stands for Telegraf, InfluxDB, Chronograf and Kapacitor. These are InfluxData’s tightly-coupled, open source components that make it easy collect, store, visualize, process and alert on time-series data in real-time. Time-series data is proving to be dominant data format found in IoT systems, custom DevOps monitoring and real-time analytic solutions.

“We founded InfluxData three years ago on the idea of making it easy to manage time-series data at scale,” said Paul Dix. “Our mission remains the same. By assuming the role of CTO, I can now focus all of my day-to-energy on making the InfluxData platform even easier to use and even more tightly integrated with the TICK stack and other complementary open source technologies.”

About InfluxData

InfluxData is the IoT company behind the TICK stack, the first open source platform designed from the ground up to manage time-series data at scale. Time-series is the dominate type of data found in the vast majority of IoT, real-time analytics and custom monitoring use cases. The TICK stack contains everything an organization needs to collect, store, visualize and alert on time-series data when performance, availability and security matter. InfluxData is used by eBay, AXA, Mozilla, Google and NIST. InfluxData is a Y Combinator success story, backed by Trinity Ventures, Mayfield and Bloomberg Beta. For more information visit: