July Monthly Product Update – New Resources to Get Started with InfluxDB and Go

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We love to write and ship code to help developers bring their ideas and projects to life. That’s why we’re constantly working on improving our product to meet developers wherever they are, to ensure their happiness, and accelerate Time to Awesome.

This is the third in a blog series covering our product’s latest features — features that we think will save you time and effort when building with time series and InfluxDB. We hope you love the new features — and bug fixes — covered in this month’s edition!

1 - Go sample apps

Get started right away with Go development for IoT and querying data

This month, we released resources to help Go developers. Upon completing the Go onboarding wizards, users now have the options to:

  • View a sample IoT app written in Go

  • View boilerplate Go code snippets to quickly write/query their own data




2 - Colorblind-friendly color palette options

Resources for colorblind users

This month, we released additional accessibility features of our graphing functionality for colorblind users. We now have more colorblind-friendly color palette graph customization options.


3- New Telegraf release with MQTT and SNMP updates, along with SQL Server input improvements

Check out the details and release notes here.

4 - Bug fixes

This month, we fixed a number of outstanding bugs to improve the user experience with InfluxDB Cloud.

  • For customers using dynamic re-query upon zoom, re-query upon zoom now always reflects itself to the API.
  • For all users, we ensured that extremely large (or extremely small) numbers no longer break charts.
  • For all users, we disabled the “successfully created API token” modal from displaying in the event that the system failed to create the API token. Now users won’t get contradicting messages in the UI.
  • For all users, we made sure that the screen no longer gets cut-off when users try to add a cell in a dashboard.
  • For all users, we ensured that Org ID can now be copied by users.