ZDNet | InfluxData charts new path for time series databases

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Publication: ZDNet Title: InfluxData charts new path for time series databases Author: Tony Baer

Abstract: This ZDNet article covers the announcement made at Google Next regarding the new partnership that InfluxData and Google Cloud have entered to host the former’s time series database InfluxDB, “one of the most popular open source databases.” Baer mentions how the explosion of machine data from sensors, mobile devices and consumer electronics has generated new use cases demanding time series analysis. After discussing increasing competition in the time series database space, he explains what InfluxDB 2.0, and its built-in data scripting and query language Flux, will bring to the community. He concludes: “For InfluxDB, the decoupling of the query language from the database could provide an answer to keeping the community, literally, whole.”


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