InfluxDB for Energy and Utilities

Improve performance and save money with InfluxDB

Leading energy, gas, and utility organizations use InfluxDB to collect sensor metrics and gain real-time insights into turbines, meters, refineries, pipelines, and other industrial equipment. Having a solution that can handle the vast amounts of real-time data generated by these edge devices and also leverages tiered storage to provide access to historical data allows organizations to create more accurate predictive models using time series data.

InfluxDB is a single datastore that can ingest, store, and analyze all time series data to help organizations with predictive maintenance, improve overall equipment effectiveness, and reduce downtime.

This enables organizations to fine-tune energy production and storage practices and to develop predictive maintenance strategies that improve performance and save money.

Energy, gas, and utility organizations use InfluxDB to:

Connect InfluxDB to your systems

InfluxDB API enables seamless integration and interoperability with machine learning tools for predictive maintenance & other advanced analytics solutions, including data lakehouses via open data formats (e.g., Apache Iceberg, Deltasharing).

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