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Chris Churilo

Chris Churilo

Chris Churilo helps businesses build passionate teams that market to the developer audience by building content and programs that are engaging, and drives demand for the product that results in revenue. As the Vice President of Marketing at InfluxData, she has oversight of day-to-day marketing operations to ensure that growth marketing, comms, digital, partner and customer marketing as well as demand gen all function as a tight cohesive unit aligned with the company’s goals. For Chris, sharing the cool projects that developers build with InfluxDB is the most rewarding part of the role. Outside of the office, Chris enjoys singing to her dog, kick-starting her nonprofit, and downwinding on her paddleboard across the bay.

Influx/Days 2017 Speaker: Emily Nakashima

Emily Nakashima is a full-stack JS developer who loves design, web performance, and metrics and is currently an engineer at Previously she led the dashboard engineering team at Bugsnag, and has experience in full stack development, browser javascript and browser...

Graylog Monitoring

We often get asked the question about what metrics you should collect and act on for the various products that we support with our Telegraf plugins. Of course, we tell people that it will depend on the product itself (is it...

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