September Monthly Product Update – Multi-orgs, New Enterprise Features, Telegraf Upgrades, and Adaptive Zoom

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We love to write and ship code to help developers bring their ideas and projects to life. That’s why we’re constantly working on improving our product in sync with developer needs to ensure their happiness and accelerate Time To Awesome.

This month, we launched new features and capabilities that span org management, data ingestion, core Enterprise features, and UI improvements.

1 - Multi-orgs - Switch between your organizations

Users that belong to multiple organizations within an account can now quickly navigate between those accounts directly in the InfluxDB Cloud user interface. These users can also set their preferred default account and organization in the UI.


2 - Additional key features shipped in September

Along with Multi-org functionality improvements, we also released major new features relating to Adaptive Zoom, Data Ingestion, and our Enterprise version of InfluxDB. Please take a look at my blog posts below for more information.

  • InfluxDB Enterprise 1.10 – InfluxDB Enterprise 1.10 provides enhanced support, retention policies, APIs, v2 buckets, and Flux.

  • Adaptive Zoom (aka Dynamic Query Zoom) – You now have additional granularity on your graphs. InfluxDB Cloud UI users can now also trigger an auto-requery of data with this feature.

  • Data Ingestion with Telegraf – Improved AWS integration and support for PostgreSQL plugins.

3 - Bug fixes

This month, we also fixed a number of outstanding bugs to improve the user experience with InfluxDB Cloud.

  • The placement of the chart value is bottom-centered on single-stat charts

  • Telegraf no longer throws the following error when attempting to create an additional telegraf configuration: Warning: Cannot update a component (Wizard) while rendering a different component

  • Function behind shaded graphs ensures that the shading renders properly

  • Fixed the styling of the Telegraf configuration styling overlay to correctly position of content of the page

  • The new globalheader renders well with the rest of the UI, without page-cut-offs or notebook issues.